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Welcome to HFCC

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Welcome to Higham Ferrers Cycling Club.

Higham Ferrers Cycling Club is for enthusiastic cyclists (mainly road) to meet, chat, set up rides and be involved in cycling related activities.
As a British Cycling affiliated club we welcome new members with a view to joining us, so after a couple of rides (you should get a good feel about the type of club we are by then) we will then ask you to join.

Membership fees are £20 per annum (April to April) or £14 per annum for half year (August to April). All funds raised by the club go toward British Cycling club fees, subsidised social events and other club related activities. We are a 'not for profit' club.

Here are some of the benefits to joining HFCC:
1. Up to date best practices from British Cycling to make sure that every ride is safe and enjoyable for all.
2. Liability insurance helps to ensure that clubs and club officials are covered against claims from third parties if an incident happens during a club activity. This extends to individuals who have been invited to participate in club activities as invitees, with a view to joining the club and are not already covered by any other Insurance.
3. Meet new people in the local area who all share the same cycling passion.
4. Explore new routes and road in the safety of a group.
5. Training and skill building rides.
6. A wide range of regular rides – usually 4 a week but sometimes more.
7. Specific beginners rides.
8. Subsidised social activities – BBQs, Xmas Party etc.
9. Technical workshops.

Once you join, you will be asked to complete a membership form, so that we have your relevant contact and emergency contact details. The membership form can be found here:
https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLScCmcR ... …/viewform

A copy of the club constitution can be found here:
https://www.dropbox.com/…/HFCC%20Consti ... 016%20sign

Please note that you ride at your own risk. We do have a few guidelines to make things easier and safer both here on the forum and on rides. These are set below:

1. Please be polite in posts and responses and respect others views.
2. Most importantly, don't set out to antagonise or troll others. Any such posts will be removed. Repeated defaulters will be removed from the group - this is not the place for you!
3. If you join a ride, please read the ride description carefully. Although every effort will be made to assist anyone in difficulty on a ride, you should always make sure your bike is in good mechanical condition, that you have food and water for the duration, you have lights if needed and that you expect to make it around. Please be prepared for weather conditions, minor mechanicals and emergencies. Please ensure you carry emergency contact details with you in a clear place (just in case).
4. If you have any medical issues (asthma, diabetes etc.) please let others riders around you know. You ride at your own risk, but others will then be alert to any problems you may have on route.
5. Please obey the Highway Code, be considerate of other road users and be predictable in your riding.
6. If you set up a ride (please feel free - particularly if you have new routes we don't know) then setting it up as an event is essential, as only HFCC events are covered by liability insurance.
7. When you set an event up, please state clearly the type of ride so others can judge if they want to come. Give an idea of duration, distance and nature of rides, number of stops etc. etc. A link to a map in .gpx format is useful if you can provide one. We like variety, so a mix of rides is good, but please look to see what other rides are posted as it's all about group riding.
7. If someone does join a ride and struggles, then please be considerate and help where you can – we all have our good and bad days.
8. HFCC aren’t affiliated with any shops, companies or other organisations’ – which is the way we want to keep. There’s enough marketing on internet already, so please don’t blatantly promote general products or services.
9. Please feel free to credit other groups when making posts – as long as they are relevant. If you’ve found something really useful, then credit to the original posters.
10. Children aged 12 to 18 are welcome on rides, provided they are accompanied a parent. A signed consent form will be required.

Ride guidelines:

Here are some guidelines for both riders and posters, as hints as to what to expect (this is not exhaustive – please feel free to come up with your own).
'Beginners' - We all have to start somewhere. These rides are generally of low speed and are generally in the region of 20 miles in duration. If you are new to cycling, just drop us a line and someone will normally be willing to set up a beginners ride.
‘Social’ – This is the most common type of ride we hope for! These are a chance for a chin wag on the way round. Similar to a No Drop, but with more gassing and there is normally a cake stop.
‘No drop’ – This is a ride where everyone who goes out together, comes back together – NO MATTER WHAT. Whoever posts the ride should make sure everyone is accounted for. An expected speed would be useful on this type of ride but again, this is not hard and fast.
‘Training’ – This will generally be fast and the poster should generally include an expected speed. Although the speed may vary from that posted, you will be expected to keep up although they should not be considered 'drop rides'. It may include interval training, hills repeats etc.
‘Chain Gang’ – Sometimes known as 'through and off' this will be fast and there will be close riding, so you need to be confident. Everyone will be expected to spend their time on the front and these are not normally social in any way. You may also get dropped.
'Drop' - Fend for yourself! These are rare and have a minimum speed. Anyone joining should be prepared to make their own way home - generally in a poor, soggy, sweaty mess.
‘Hilly’ – You know what to expect…Pain……!!

Hand signals used on rides are as follows:
Hand straight up in air. Group is stopping for a junction, puncture or because there is an obstruction in the road.
Move one hand as if gently patting an invisible dog. Group is slowing down or just easing things back a bit.
Waving/pointing behind back indicates that there is an obstruction such as a parked car or pedestrian and that the whole group needs to move in the direction indicated to avoid it.
Left or right hand extended out to side. Direction of turn/change in direction coming up.
Pointing down at road sometimes with a circling motion to obstruction on road such as a pothole or drain cover that needs to be avoided. Be sensible with this one and only point out major obstacles. This signal is often accompanied with a call of “hole” for example.
Arm extended and shaking of the hand maybe accompanied with “Loose”, “Glass” or "Gravel" – This indicates a loose road surface such as gravel, mud or broken tarmac and is accompanied by shaking a hand over the road.
Shouted calls used on rides:
“Car up” – This warns of a vehicle coming towards the FRONT of the group.
“Car back” – This warns of a vehicle coming towards the BACK of the group.
"Stopping" - should be self explanatory
"Slowing" (see above)

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